Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Palestinian writer Ala Hlehel permitted to visit Lebanon!

Ha'aretz today reported that Beirut39 writer Ala Hlehel has been granted permission to visit Lebanon. .

For Palestinian writers, actors and musicians living inside Israel, the reality of performing or reading in Lebanon or Syria is like trying to establish dialogue between an intellectual and a fisherman. One can perhaps create a scenario or sketch, maybe even write a song about it – but these idealisms will not change Israel’s state policy that bans its Arab citizens and residents from traveling to “enemy states”.

Hlehel's permission to visit Lebanon comes in an unprecedented ruling. Thanks to Adalah attorneys for their hard and persistent work on this case! This is a small victory for Palestinians inside Israel who live under colonial and racist policies enforced by the Israeli government. Congratulations Ala!

-Sousan Hammad


  1. Whats the point? I wager lebanon will never let the writer in. And i dont see how this ruling helps the palestinians at all... Israel will just use this as a pretense to show that they are forward thinking when in fact their decision is immaterial. Lebanon will simply deny the writer access to lebanon...on the grounds that it is a security risk. Theres simnply no incentive to play nice.

  2. What about Adania?

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